The Plumeria Society of America, Inc. is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Plumerias.

The name with which the plumeria cultivar description is listed is the registered denomination. All other names are synonyms. Names enclosed in single quotation marks are epithets which are acceptable according the standards set by the International Society for Horticultural Sciences in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. Trademarks, claimed or registered, cannot be accepted epithets. Names in bold face are ARS approved exhibition names.

Registering a plumeria name provides for its future reference and recognition. You can refer to a registered plant by name without confusing it with a different yet possibly similar plumeria, and you can recognize the plumeria from its registration description and photos. Plumeria registration consists of filing its name, description, photos and other details with the Plumeria Society of America, Inc the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Plumerias. Mark Wright is the registration chairman. You can register a plumeria by downloading the registration forms and instruction sheets located below.

The registration application is divided into sections relating to: (1) parentage of the plant; (2) people associated with its hybridizing, growth, naming, commercial introduction, and registration; and (3) description of flowers, leaves, and growth characteristics. The form is accompanied by instructions illustrating typical flower, truss, and leaf shapes. Much of the descriptive material may be reported simply by checking appropriate boxes. Flower color is an important characteristic best described by reference to a color chart, preferably one of the editions of the RHS Color Chart, but a name will not be rejected if the color is described in words rather than by reference to color numbers. All reasonable assistance will be given to those submitting applications. Remember that those who name plants have a responsibility to other growers as well as to the public to provide a permanent record for purposes of identification. Names and descriptions of all newly registered Plumeria by the Plumeria Society of America, Inc.

Proper naming and identification of plumeria is an important function. The Plumeria Society of American, Inc. has been involved in this activity for a long time sense 1980. When one purchases a registered named plant, it is one which has been propagated directly from a particular plant by cuttings, grafting, layering or similar means of propagation. Seedlings from a named plant should never be called by the parent plant’s name, no matter how much the seedling looks like the parent plant. Likewise, seedlings from the same seedpod are each a different plant and should be distinguished as such with a new name or number even if they should happen to look alike.