Welcome to The Plumeria Society of America!

The Plumeria Society of America is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Plumerias.

The Plumeria Society of America is an International organization dedicated to furthering society’s knowledge of the Plumeria. The propagation, culture, classification, identification of the species and registration of Plumeria cultivators are our primary goals. Beautiful beyond belief are the many colors of The Plumeria.

Plumeria is known by other common names, including frangipani, melia (Hawaiian), and temple tree, and has many named Cultivars. Plumerias are native to tropical America. Plumeria has widespread use in tropical landscapes around the world and is frequently associated with temples and graveyards.

ThePlumeriaSociety.org website provides you with information about registered and named Plumeria cultivars, how to register your Plumeria plants, how to take care of your Plumeria plants, Plumeria seeds, Plumeria cuttings and much more.

The Plumeria Society has reached beyond any expectation of growth. It has helped people from all over learn more about the beautiful plumeria plant and its blossom. The society has had numerous successful plant sales.

The research committee continues to bring numerous insights and knowledge about the exotic plumeria. The registration committee has identified and registered many plants and is continuing to accept applications for new cultivars.
In the years past much has been accomplished however, there is much more to be done. The future of the Plumeria Society is exciting.

Let’s continue to make history.
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